Flexible exhibition stand ISOframe Wave

Our mobile exhibition stands are child's play to set up and transport in a car. Of course, practical transport bags, trolleys or wheeled cases are available for all mobile exhibition walls, which fit into any car.

Using our ISOframe Wave exhibition system as an example, we show here how easy it is to use the system technology and how it can be assembled into a complete exhibition stand. First, the feet are laid out on the available stand space. This determines the shape of the exhibition wall. Then the aluminium profiles are placed on the feet and connected to each other using the patented ISOframe Flexilink. The profiles are then extended to the desired height of either 2.3 m or 2.5 m. The stand is then mounted on the finished construction. The 80 cm wide graphic panels are attached to the fully assembled construction by means of magnetic backs. If desired, the exhibition wall can be bent in one direction or the other. The entire system technology can be stored in transport trolleys. Suitable holders with carrying straps are available for the graphic panels.

What makes ISOframe Wave unique

The special feature of the ISOframe Wave exhibition stand is the patented Flexi-Link, which is inserted between the vertical aluminium profiles. Before this, however, the profiles are inserted into the stand feet of the system and fastened with a simple FAST clamp connector. This simple clamp-click mechanism provides a stable connection without the need for additional tools. The unique Flexi-Link turns the mobile exhibition stand into a flexible exhibition wall. Any shape is possible. ISOframe exhibition walls can be set up straight, on the ground, wave-shaped or as a circle. In this way, the ISOframe Wave mobile exhibition wall can be individually adapted to the respective stand conditions.

You can also find detailed information about ISOframe Wave in our brochure, which you can download by clicking on the image.


Diverse modules for the flexible exhibition stand

A wide range of accessories and individual elements are available to extend the ISOframe wave mobile exhibition stand. Very popular are the various screen modules with the sub-tables keyboard, table module rectangular, semicircular or oval. Furthermore, there are showcase and shelf modules in various designs and shapes. Even powerful LED modules in various sizes can be integrated into the exhibition stand solution!

New and a special highlight is the storage room element. Special door solutions are available for this. Of course, the ISOframe Wave range also includes column and ceiling modules that can be fitted with individual graphic panels.