Selection of mobile exhibition stands:

ALU STAR LED exhibition stand

The LED bestseller

No other mobile LED exhibition stand is as versatile as ALU STAR. This illuminated wall is modularly expandable in width, i.e. it can be used in 2 m, 3 m or 4 m. The transformer is located inside the system. The transformer is located inside the system. ALU STAR has many accessory modules, the most popular of which is the integrable monitor holder. Individual ALU STAR LED walls can be permanently connected with special system adapters to form a stable mobile exhibition stand.

PIXLIP GO LED exhibition stand

The "make it easy for me" model

PIXLIP GO illuminated walls are ideal for inexperienced exhibitors who nevertheless want to go to the fair with an eye-catching exhibition wall. The system frames are made of plastic and are therefore very easy to handle. The profiles, which are equipped with LED modules, are simply plugged together to form a frame and then covered with a foldable print. Depending on the stand space, the different frame sizes are combined with each other.

ALU LightUp LED exhibition stand

The low-priced

The ALU LightUp LED exhibition stand can be assembled in just a few minutes, as the system frames are inserted into each other without tools. The LED spotlights are already mounted in the profiles. The removable feet are located on the underside of the frame. ALU LightUp is available in three different system widths: 85 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm. To set up an LED trade fair stand, simply place the frames next to each other, depending on the space available, and cover them with prints.

ISOframe Wave

The all-rounder

The mobile exhibition stand system ISOframe Wave is a "multi-talent", because it is bendable and can be adapted to any stand surface. Regardless of whether it is a row, corner or end stand - ISOframe Wave always fits. ISOframe Wave is modularly expandable in width and can be equipped with accessory modules such as counter, shelf, showcase and monitor modules. ISOframe Wave thus meets the requirements for both a 9 m² and a 24 m² exhibition stand.


The XXL wonder

With no other exhibition system can you construct large-format back walls as well as with our Miracle mobile exhibition stand. The standard system consists of two base plates with telescopic supports. Aluminium piping rails are inserted into these, into which large-format textile prints are pulled. The Miracle exhibition wall is stable, height-adjustable up to 2.8 m and can be assembled modularly in any system width.

GRID exhibition stand

The foldable

The GRID exhibition stand consists of a pop-up structure, just like folding displays. The mobile frame is unfolded in seconds and is fitted with a surrounding profile into which the individually printed textile covering is inserted. The system widths range from 75 cm to 300 cm. Several systems can be combined to form a mobile exhibition stand. They are transported in a rollable bag.