With the new storage room module, which is equipped with a practical door element, we are expanding the versatility of our ALU STAR LED exhibition stands. This innovative feature allows you to use your LED exhibition stand not only as an eye-catching presentation area, but also as an efficient storage space. The door element provides easy access to important utensils and materials and ensures that the stand remains neat and organized. In no time at all, your LED exhibition wall becomes a multifunctional LED exhibition stand that impresses with its visual presence and well-thought-out functionality.

In this video we present you the detailed assembly of the shelf element of our modular exhibition stand ISOframe Wave. ISOframe Wave stands out as the ideal solution for mobile and flexible trade fair presentations. In addition to the shelf module shown here, the versatile ISOframe Wave family includes a wide range of other modules. These include, among other things, monitor, showcase, truss and counter elements that can be seamlessly integrated into the overall concept of this innovative exhibition system. The modularity allows you to adapt your exhibition stand individually to the requirements and goals of your presentation.