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Mobile exhibition stands

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Mobile exhibition stands are perfect if exhibitors want to assemble and dismantle their exhibition stand themselves. To ensure this, we offer a variety of trade fair and exhibition systems that are easy to install and can be transported in a car. There are hardly any limits to the areas of application for a mobile exhibition stand. Our flexible exhibition systems are modular, convertible and adaptable to the available stand space. Even if your company already has large-format exhibition stands, mobile exhibition stands are surprisingly often used, because at smaller congresses and exhibitions there is often only 6 - 12 m² of stand space available - the ideal location for mobile exhibition stands. The special thing about mobile exhibition stands is how easy they are to use. Perfectly designed for self-builders, they enable uncomplicated assembly, which can usually be carried out by one to a maximum of two people without any special technical know-how. This makes them particularly attractive for companies that want to be flexible and cost-efficient. The versatility of mobile exhibition stands is reflected in their adaptability to different room sizes and venues. They not only offer effective advertising space, but also enable companies to present their brand creatively and in an eye-catching way. Mobile exhibition stands are more than just information carriers - they are dynamic brand platforms that enable companies to position themselves successfully in the exhibition world.

When selecting the exhibition stands that we would like to present to you here, our main focus is on the fact that the exhibition wall can not only be set up without tools, but can also be easily transported in a normal car or station wagon. In addition to these practical features, we offer particularly innovative exhibition stand solutions, including attention-grabbing LED exhibition stands, illuminated walls and illuminated exhibition walls, flexible and bendable exhibition walls, stretch frame exhibition stands and folding display exhibition systems. The special thing about many of these mobile solutions is their ability to adapt to the specific conditions of the exhibition stand, which makes a tailor-made presentation possible. What is special about our product range is not only its user-friendliness, but also its high degree of adaptability to various requirements.

We can particularly recommend two mobile exhibition systems. If you want a special “eye-catcher” for your exhibition or event, LED exhibition stands are the system of choice. With these mobile illuminated walls, even complex exhibition stand structures can be easily implemented. The basic structure of LED exhibition walls consists of a frame made from aluminum profiles. Depending on the type of illuminated wall, feet are unscrewed from the base of the frame or attached with wing screws. The integrated LED modules create a free-standing, illuminated frame that is available in sizes of 88, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm. A double-sided textile covering is then applied to the aluminum frame, which is printed with the relevant information about your company such as text content and images. Special rolling cases, trolleys or bags are available for all of our LED exhibition walls, which are very easy to transport. Another recommended mobile exhibition system is ISOframe Wave. Here the system technology was designed so that it can be expanded in a modular manner and is sometimes even flexible. ISOframe Wave is an exhibition stand “all-rounder”. The exhibition wall, which consists of 80 cm wide modules, has a patented Flexi-Link that connects the individual modules with each other. The ISOframe Wave program includes extensive accessories such as shelves, showcases, bridges, doors, keyboard trays and counters. Of course, all modules can be freely combined with each other.

A big advantage of mobile exhibition stands is the cost savings for your company. Since you can assemble and dismantle the system technology at the exhibition by yourself, you save yourself the expensive exhibition builder. The dismantling of the entire mobile exhibition stand is also quick. All exhibition stand components are packed in small pieces and stored in practical transport bags and cases. This means that your mobile exhibition stand can also be stored in-house. We would be happy to advise you competently and comprehensively on which mobile exhibition stands best suit your requirements. You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 69 756080-0.


Mobile LED exhibition stands

LED exhibition stand

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With an LED exhibition wall, your exhibition stand gets a real attention boost. These walls are equipped with powerful LED modules that illuminate your graphic covering brilliantly, significantly increasing the visual impact and attractiveness of your exhibition stand. Our mobile illuminated walls are available in many different designs, e.g. made of aluminum or plastic profiles and in different sizes. The most popular LED exhibition walls are ALU STAR and ALU LightUp, the more cost-effective alternative. All illuminated systems can be conveniently packaged and stored in rolling suitcases, trolleys or transport bags and therefore fit in any car.

Flexible exhibition stand ISOframe Wave

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An ISOframe Wave exhibition stand represents the theme of “mobile exhibition stand” like no other system. The special feature of this exhibition system is its modular structure, in which vertical, 3-part aluminum rods are plugged together and equipped with a clip stand. The rod profiles are then connected with a Flexi-Link to form a bendable wall construction to which magnetic graphic strips are attached. This modular structure allows a wide range of adaptation to different stand sizes and shapes. No matter whether it is a small exhibition area or a large stand.

Mobile exhibition stands - Our customer projects

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Our references represent a wide range of mobile exhibition stand projects that were produced and implemented by us. Regardless of whether we were able to work for medium-sized companies or listed companies - our mobile exhibition stands are always a real eye-catcher. Our reference projects show possible implementations and different system configurations. Because we also provide you with the complete range of exhibition stand accessories such as counters, brochure stands, flags, bar tables and bar stools. Take a look at some of our reference projects to get an insight into the variety and quality of our exhibition stand solutions.

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