Mobile exhibition stands

Mobile exhibition stands are attention-grabbing information carriers at trade fairs and events. Surprisingly, mobile exhibition stands are even used when companies have a large-scale installed exhibition stand, because smaller congresses and trade fairs often only have 6 - 12 m² of stand space available - the "made for it" application for mobile exhibition stands. Our mobile exhibition stands are perfect for self-assemblers and can usually be set up by one, or at most two people. No manual know-how is required for this.

When selecting the exhibition stands that we would like to present to you here, our main focus is on the fact that the exhibition wall can be set up without tools and transported in a normal car or estate car. We also offer particularly innovative exhibition stand solutions such as mobile LED exhibition stands, flexible & bendable exhibition walls, tension frame exhibition stands and folding display exhibition systems. Many of these mobile solutions can be individually adapted to the respective exhibition stand conditions. To this end, the system technology has been designed to be modularly expandable and in some cases even bendable, such as our ISOframe Wave exhibition system. Another great advantage of mobile exhibition stands is the cost saving for your company. Since you can set up and dismantle the system technology at the trade fair yourself, you save yourself the expense of an expensive stand builder. Even the dismantling of the entire mobile exhibition stand goes in a jiffy. All stand components are packed in small parts and stowed in practical transport bags & cases. This means that your mobile exhibition stand can also be stored in-house. We will be happy to provide you with competent and comprehensive advice on which mobile exhibition stands best suit your requirements. You can reach us by phone at 069-7560800.

Selection of mobile exhibition stands:

ALU STAR LED exhibition stand

The LED bestseller

No other mobile LED exhibition stand is as versatile as ALU STAR. This illuminated wall is modularly expandable in width, i.e. it can be used in 2 m, 3 m or 4 m. The transformer is located inside the system. The transformer is located inside the system. ALU STAR has many accessory modules, the most popular of which is the integrable monitor holder. Individual ALU STAR LED walls can be permanently connected with special system adapters to form a stable mobile exhibition stand.

PIXLIP GO LED exhibition stand

The "make it easy for me" model

PIXLIP GO illuminated walls are ideal for inexperienced exhibitors who nevertheless want to go to the fair with an eye-catching exhibition wall. The system frames are made of plastic and are therefore very easy to handle. The profiles, which are equipped with LED modules, are simply plugged together to form a frame and then covered with a foldable print. Depending on the stand space, the different frame sizes are combined with each other.

ALU LightUp LED exhibition stand

The low-priced

The ALU LightUp LED exhibition stand can be assembled in just a few minutes, as the system frames are inserted into each other without tools. The LED spotlights are already mounted in the profiles. The removable feet are located on the underside of the frame. ALU LightUp is available in three different system widths: 85 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm. To set up an LED trade fair stand, simply place the frames next to each other, depending on the space available, and cover them with prints.

ISOframe Wave

The all-rounder

The mobile exhibition stand system ISOframe Wave is a "multi-talent", because it is bendable and can be adapted to any stand surface. Regardless of whether it is a row, corner or end stand - ISOframe Wave always fits. ISOframe Wave is modularly expandable in width and can be equipped with accessory modules such as counter, shelf, showcase and monitor modules. ISOframe Wave thus meets the requirements for both a 9 m² and a 24 m² exhibition stand.


The XXL wonder

With no other exhibition system can you construct large-format back walls as well as with our Miracle mobile exhibition stand. The standard system consists of two base plates with telescopic supports. Aluminium piping rails are inserted into these, into which large-format textile prints are pulled. The Miracle exhibition wall is stable, height-adjustable up to 2.8 m and can be assembled modularly in any system width.

GRID exhibition stand

The foldable

The GRID exhibition stand consists of a pop-up structure, just like folding displays. The mobile frame is unfolded in seconds and is fitted with a surrounding profile into which the individually printed textile covering is inserted. The system widths range from 75 cm to 300 cm. Several systems can be combined to form a mobile exhibition stand. They are transported in a rollable bag.

Example 1

LED exhibition stand

LED exhibition stands are also wonderfully suited for mobile use. We offer you four different LED exhibition stand systems: ALU STAR, ALU LightUp, PIXLIP GO and GRID Lightbox. The systems are all available in different wall sizes and the individual walls can then be connected to form an entire exhibition stand.

Here we present the LED exhibition wall ALU STAR. The special thing about our bestseller is that the width and height can be expanded in a modular way. In order to enlarge your exhibition wall, suitable extension profiles are available in widths of 50 cm, 75 cm and 100 cm. For example, if you bought a 200 cm wide illuminated wall from us, it can easily be used in 250 cm, 275 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm or larger thanks to the extensions. Of course, there should also be the appropriate slide covering for each size of wall you are building.

Assembly – quick and easy

The LED exhibition wall ALU STAR is very easy to assemble and also without tools. A color coding system shows immediately which of the 12 cm wide aluminum profiles have to be pushed together to create the illuminated frame. Since the LEDs are already integrated in the frame, all that remains is to hang the graphic covering and the illuminated wall is ready!

ALU STAR offers a number of accessories such as an integrable monitor mount, a bridge element and a storage module. The ALU STAR PLUS and ALU STAR MAX LED counters go particularly well with the ALU STAR LED walls.

You can find more information about our LED exhibition stand ALU STAR in the brochure, which you can download here. Detailed assembly instructions for various sizes of ALU STAR are also available.



It doesn't matter whether it's an LED exhibition wall or an LED counter: our LED systems are all delivered in handy transport cases or bags with wheels.

The transport cases for the ALU STAR products are of particularly high quality. They are made of feather-light yet extremely stable ABS plastic. The division inside the case contains preformed, numbered recesses where the ALU STAR aluminum profiles fit exactly. So you keep track and all parts are safely stowed away.

The video below shows how to pack a complete system into the ABS carrying case. In this way, even large LED exhibition walls can be easily accommodated in a normal car. And since we print the slide covers on stretch material in most cases, the graphics for your LED exhibition wall - folded up small - can also be stored in the transport case.

Example 2

Flexible exhibition stand ISOframe Wave

Our mobile exhibition stands are child's play to set up and transport in a car. Of course, practical transport bags, trolleys or wheeled cases are available for all mobile exhibition walls, which fit into any car.

Using our ISOframe Wave exhibition system as an example, we show here how easy it is to use the system technology and how it can be assembled into a complete exhibition stand. First, the feet are laid out on the available stand space. This determines the shape of the exhibition wall. Then the aluminium profiles are placed on the feet and connected to each other using the patented ISOframe Flexilink. The profiles are then extended to the desired height of either 2.3 m or 2.5 m. The stand is then mounted on the finished construction. The 80 cm wide graphic panels are attached to the fully assembled construction by means of magnetic backs. If desired, the exhibition wall can be bent in one direction or the other. The entire system technology can be stored in transport trolleys. Suitable holders with carrying straps are available for the graphic panels.


The special feature of the ISOframe Wave exhibition stand is the patented Flexi-Link, which is inserted between the vertical aluminium profiles. Before this, however, the profiles are inserted into the stand feet of the system and fastened with a simple FAST clamp connector. This simple clamp-click mechanism provides a stable connection without the need for additional tools. The unique Flexi-Link turns the mobile exhibition stand into a flexible exhibition wall. Any shape is possible. ISOframe exhibition walls can be set up straight, on the ground, wave-shaped or as a circle. In this way, the ISOframe Wave mobile exhibition wall can be individually adapted to the respective stand conditions.

You can also find detailed information about ISOframe Wave in our brochure, which you can download by clicking on the image.



A wide range of accessories and individual elements are available to extend the ISOframe wave mobile exhibition stand. Very popular are the various screen modules with the sub-tables keyboard, table module rectangular, semicircular or oval. Furthermore, there are showcase and shelf modules in various designs and shapes. Even powerful LED modules in various sizes can be integrated into the exhibition stand solution!

New and a special highlight is the storage room element. Special door solutions are available for this. Of course, the ISOframe Wave range also includes column and ceiling modules that can be fitted with individual graphic panels.


If you want to use a mobile exhibition stand, we are the right partner! We have a large range of different mobile exhibition walls. Depending on your wishes, we have the right trade fair system for you. Especially in the area of mobile exhibition stands, there are many systems that are modularly expandable. Whether it is LED exhibition stands such as ALU STAR and ALU LightUp, flexible exhibition stands such as ISOframe Wave or PopUp folding displays that can be put together to form an exhibition stand. Here you can see some projects where our customers have opted for mobile and expandable exhibition stand implementations. STA Travel GmbH, for example, has the option of installing superstructures in many different sizes and shapes with their ISOframe Wave exhibition system. MKI GmbH, who use an ALU LightUp LED exhibition stand, can use the walls shown here either individually as a 1 m or 2 m wide LED wall or put together as a large-format LED exhibition stand. The same applies to all the projects we present here: they can be freely combined with each other so that a new exhibition stand impression is always created.

DIATEST Hermann Költgen GmbH

Mobile exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

Bolloré Logistics

Mobile LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

STA Travel GmbH

Mobile exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH

Mobile LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

Mobile exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

Fraport AG

Mobile LED exhibition stand: PIXLIP GO

Roman Seliger Amaturenfabrik GmbH

Mobile exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

Lighthouse Communications

Mobile LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

SoftwareONE Deutschland GmbH

Mobile exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

Columbus Reinigungsmaschinen

Mobile LED exhibition stand: GRID Lightbox

Stadtwerke Passau

Mobile exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

MKI Industrieservice GmbH

Mobile LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp


Personal contact person

For all orders you place with us, you will have a personal contact person at your disposal. He will take the time to advise you comprehensively on which exhibition stand best suits your company, work out a calculation and then manage the entire production of your project. He is always available to answer your questions.

Express service

If you are in a hurry, we can also produce your mobile exhibition stand very quickly. Since all prints and coverings are produced directly in our company and we keep a large part of the mobile system technology in stock, we can also meet tight deadlines.


In our showroom, we will be happy to show you all the mobile exhibition stand solutions from our range. Here you can check and try out directly on site how quickly and easily our mobile exhibition stands can be set up and dismantled. You can contact us at any time to arrange an appointment. Parking spaces "in front of the door" are available.

Top quality

All our products are subject to a multi-phase quality control so that you can always expect top results from us. Before we deliver our mobile exhibition stands to you, they are checked for usability, faultless handling and perfectly produced graphic covering. Only then do we ship the stand to your desired address.

3D trade fair planning

Sometimes you can't really imagine what your own mobile exhibition stand might look like. In this case, we recommend the creation of a 3D visualisation, which we can produce for you in-house. This way, you can decide in peace which trade fair stand is the right one and have it put together individually according to your wishes.

Graphic design

We are also happy to take care of the graphic design of your exhibition stand. Especially with mobile solutions, it is important to consider the modular use of the exhibition stand. It should "work" both as a single exhibition wall and as a large-format exhibition stand. The composition of the graphics must therefore be perfectly planned.

Online shop for mobile exhibition stands

In our shop you will find these and many other systems for equipping your exhibition stand. Stop by!

ALU LightUp exhibition wall

ALU LightUp is perfect for self-builders and is still inexpensive.

ALU STAR XXL illuminated wall

Widths of more than 5 m can be realized with the modular LED exhibition wall ALU STAR.

TravelStand PRO Curved

The classic among the mobile exhibition stands consists of a foldable scissor grid.


Our lightweight PIXLIP GO can be set up very easily and without tools.


Popular LED counter with practical shelf. Also available with lockable doors!

Counter Case

This clever exhibition counter is a transport case and counter in one.


We bring everything under one roof

For over 55 years, we have been one of the leading suppliers of innovative exhibition systems in the Rhine-Main region. Our focus is on the design and implementation of mobile exhibition stand solutions. So if you want to take charge of setting up and dismantling your exhibition stand yourself, we offer practical, mobile and modular exhibition stands that can be set up without tools and transported in a normal car. Of course, we are also experts when it comes to which trade fair systems can be optimally combined with each other. In addition to mobile exhibition walls, we offer many complementary presentation systems such as counters, flags, advertising pillars, high tables, bar stools, RollUps and digital stands. This system technology can also be packed in small formats and easily transported. You can also find many illuminated walls at Another plus is our in-house print production. This guarantees you a wide range of different implementation options for a perfect display on your stand. If you have any questions, it's best to call us now. You can reach us by phone at 069-7560800 or simply visit our showroom.




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